Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On March and Personal Missions

FL pix

March has been very March-like. As I've written here before, something about March and me don't mix. Whether it be great personal trauma or major home repair issues, March always brings some adventure in trouble.

This March has been no exception. No need to discuss the matter at hand, but suffice it has made the month yet another rollercoaster.

But it's almost over and I'm sitting poolside in Florida, so things are looking up. Because of my change in locale, I won't be writing much this week. Instead, I'm going to share something I wrote many March's ago, one with far worse trouble then the mere professional irritations endured these past weeks.

In March of 1998, I separated from my first husband, a decision that caused much trepidation, soul searching, and resulting journaling. One of the most poured over writings was my personal mission. It may not be my best work (nor even good), but it is a text that I return to regularly when times are trying. The document seems to be opened lots in March.


Unlock heart and mind.

Respect the mysteries of spirit and soul.

Search out and struggle for quality.

Protect the magical and delicate web woven between twin souls.

Nourish the bonds forged with friends and family.

Cultivate a garden for the senses.

Commit to a lifetime of learning.

Preserve personal and communal heritage.

Balance independence and interdependence.

Keep a gracious and comfortable home.

Fight the battles worth winning.

Appreciate, enable and inspire joy.

Have patience with all things.

Build physical, spiritual and financial strength.

Heed the internal ethical compass.

Believe in limitless possibility.

Take comfort in solitude.

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