Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nice Surprises: Purple Asparagus on USA Network's Character Approved Blog

It's been a long July. I'm a bit slow these days given that I'm going about my days one handed after nerve repair surgery. Given this, the last thing that I needed was to be slowed down by lousy customer service. Unfortunately, however, that's exactly what I got from my now former landscaper Christy Webber Landscapes this weekend and from AT&T who left us without phone service for four days.

So, boy, was it a pleasant surprise to learn that the USA Network's Character Approved Blog featured Purple Asparagus yesterday. I'd been contacted by author Terry Boyd about a month ago who had offered to pitch our story to the blog. Not hearing from him after that, I figured the idea had been quashed. And then yesterday, the post appeared on our Facebook page, a pleasant surprise indeed. I hope that you'll check it out here.

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