Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's Eating Your Child?

“If you could quickly and effectively cure your child’s ear infection, moodiness, or frequent colds with food instead of drugs, which option would you choose? In WHAT’S EATING YOUR CHILD? leading nutritionist Kelly Dorfman empowers parents to become Nutrition Detectives by revealing simple ways to uncover the clues behind a child’s health problems and find an accurate, nutritional treatment immediately.”

The press release issued by Workman, Kelly Dorfman’s publisher seemed to promise miracles. In this country of instant diet promises, assurances like these always make me a bit suspicious. But then, I started to read the book. Like Purple Asparagus, Dorfman has a common approach to basic nutrition. In Chapter 1, she describes her vision of a perfect world “where we would not be solving nutrition problems but preventing them.” In her perfect world, our society would support healthy eating, farming would make a comeback as a noble profession, and pediatricians would be more food-savvy.

As Dorfman admits and we all know, we live far from that perfect world and so throughout her book, she shares case studies from her practice to show how good nutrition can cure common ailments. She also explains how parents can combat the scourge of picky eating and by doing so dramatically their children’s development.

We, at Purple Asparagus, are pleased to host Ms. Dorfman this Saturday at Flourish Studios located at 3020 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60657. The event is free, but space is limited. By registering you will also have the opportunity to win a 1/2 consultation with Dorfman immediately after the event or a copy of her book.

To reserve your space email or call (773) 991-1920.

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