Monday, November 29, 2010

Red Carrot's Anti-Fast Food Guidebook Entitled "Bad Stuff"

Dinner conversations in our house can be interesting.

Over spaghetti squash with clam sauce, Mike and I were talking politics. I listened in on today's Let's Move conference call in which, Michelle Obama launched the Faith and Community prong of the East Wing's initiative. My description of it led to a discussion of one of our favorite topics to hate, Sarah I-Can-See-Russia-From-My-House Palin.

We've never shied away from political discussion in front of Thor so we explained the Yukon Queen's new attack against Michelle Obama, how Palin is defending the right of parents to make their children fat. We then talked about San Francisco's Happy Meal "ban." This gave Red Carrot's founder an idea.

His idea is a book, an Anti-Fast Food Guidebook entitled "Bad Stuff," with chapters on all the bad fast food places like McDonalds, Taco-Bell, and Jack-in-the-Box (not Chipotle though) and why you shouldn't eat at them.

He also wanted to write a section on how fast food companies "cheat." As the son of two attorneys, he divided his reasoning into four parts:

1. Fast food companies use expensive commercials during kids programs to get kids interested, which is unfair because healthy food doesn't have an advertising budget.

2. Fast food companies use science to develop products that appeal to kids' palates.

3. Fast food companies steal. [This was really interesting. He explained (with visual props) that it wasn't like stealing my spoon, but instead stealing my mind, by doing focus groups to gather information about our palates].

4. Fast food companies use toys to incentivize kids to eat bad food.

Little Locathor is ready to take on Mamma Grizzly in all out food politic warfare. I'm not sure she can out-reason the first grader. Bring it Palin.

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  1. I'm takin' the Lil' Locavore . . . I think he knows more big words!

  2. I just spent half of today arguing against giving Palin publicity of any kind, but Thor is too cool for school, so he gets an exemption.

  3. Funny thing, Christina. That was the content of the discussion between Mike and I tonight. I was making precisely that suggestion since I think she is the ultimate contrarian - and that she believes only a fraction of what she spews.

  4. @Liz I think he's just a ham. Ever since I started writing about him online, his food choices have gotten exponentially better.

  5. He's a "baby grizzly" -- love his thoughts and creative ideas

  6. Thanks Mrs. Q. He's quite the decisive one, for good and for bad.

    By the way, congrats on your upcoming anniversary. Ironically, I believe I was posting on your post when yours hit my email.

  7. I want this to get picked up by some media - Little Locavore vs. Mamma Grizzly in a fast food debate. Excellent TLC episode.


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